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Are you ready to master the internal forces that drive success and implement key strategies to accelerate your next level achievement?

A Note from Deb…

“There is a dynamic paradigm shift at work in the current economy and it’s only been strengthened by the COVID crisis.”

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Deb Battersby,
Designer of the FreedomPoint™ System

The global impact of the COVID crisis has made that statement truer than expected. Because:

  • The B2B market is eagerly embracing self-employed experts and small businesses
  • Coaching, one of the fastest growing business sectors, is a $12.7 billion global industry (annual growth rate 3%+)
  • Training is whopping $364+ billion market
  • Top 2000 companies spend more than $12 trillion per year to upskill and empower staff
  • Self-employed experts and small business owners complete a vital part of this big picture for large organizations

Coaching and training skills are not only wanted, they are needed and fiercely sought after. Is it time for you to become an important part of this trend?

My goal for you? After completing the FreedomPoint™ certification course, you’ll have the confidence and expertise to create the business and life you’ve always wanted — no matter what’s going on in the world.

About Deb Battersby

Deborah Battersby is a speaker, writer and success coach. A quirky car accident set her on a path of discovery leading to the FreedomPoint™ Process.

Deb and her company, Success Matrix International, are dedicated to accelerating the success and enhancing the quality of life of its global clientele. Working with diverse and dynamic individuals and organizations, from those facing abrupt change to those spear-heading it, they’ll help you find what drives you, what stops you and how you can harness these forces to both fulfill your responsibilities and achieve your grandest vision…
AND thoroughly enjoy life while doing it.

Known for innovative techniques and dramatic results, Deb has helped thousands achieve their goals and transform their lives. She is a Master Practitioner in the field of neuro-linguistics, neuro-associative conditioning, as well as a certified hypnotherapist. She is also distinguished as an elite Master Trainer with Robbins Research International.

Deborah brings these diverse skills to her workshops, seminars and coaching programs. As one client shared: “In less time than it takes to watch a TV program, Deb can move you through barriers you’ve been bumping up against most of your life!”

Whether coaching sales pros, business leaders, or educators… men and women under extreme pressure to perform, the Success Matrix team helps their clients tap into the unstoppable power within themselves and close the gap between where they are to where they want to be.

Dr John Gray, #1 NY Times Bestselling Author
Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

Lisa Lieberman-Wang, Business & Life Strategist
FreedomPoint™ Grad
Holly Chang
FreedomPoint™ Grad
Bianca Veloso, Relationship Coach
FreedomPoint™ Grad
Yardley Wang, Entrepreneur
FreedomPoint™ Grad
Michelle Scarafile, Australia
FreedomPoint™ Grad

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