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Expert Strategies, Tips & Systems for Transforming Your Business and Your Life

12 Hidden Barriers to Success Workbook

Use this system to help you identify the common obstacles that keep you stuck.

Deb Battersby

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You Will…

• Discover and resolve the hidden patterns blocking your path to full expression of your gifts.

• Learn the true intentions behind every emotion you feel and be able to receive the messages and guidance they intend.

• Shatter your old paradigm around positive and negative emotion and harness the power and brilliance of your Emotional Communication System, ECS.

• Learn how to engage the subconscious to create real transformation for yourself, your team, and your clients.

• Learn how to transcend limiting patterns of belief, thought, emotion, rules, expectation and install new patterns of empowerment.


The Program Includes:

7 Modules covering all aspects of Deb Battersby’s proprietary FreedomPoint™ Personal Transformation System.


  • Course Videos,

  • POINTER Videos,

  • Example FreedomPoint™ Sessions to Model,

  • Mastery Exercises,

  • Q&A Knowledge Base, and more.


Downloadable Training Resources:

  • Workbook,

  • Session Guide,

  • and Scripts


Digital Copy of Deb Battersby’s New Book

First 25 students to enroll.

When Published – 1Q 2022 or sooner.


Two hour Prosperity Consciousness Experiential Group Session. Limited to the first 25 students.

Attract more prosperity in your life with less effort. Experience a master FreedomPoint™ session with Deb Battersby to remove subconscious prosperity blocks.

Resources to help you grow: 1 year subscription – Limited to the first 25 students.

  • The #1 Book Summary Service for Busy Business Leaders of the world’s most important and popular business books.

  • 12 minute videos, audios, and text, so that you never miss another big idea again.

Identifying Your Ideal Client Training from Lisa Lieberman-Wang

  • Lay the foundation for your marketing

  • Clarify your messaging

  • Identify where to find your clients


Get Immediate Access and Begin Transforming Your Life Today!

Dr John Gray, #1 NY Times Bestselling Author
Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

Get Immediate Access and Begin Transforming Your Life Today!

Get Immediate Access and Begin Transforming Your Life Today!

Get Immediate Access and Begin Transforming Your Life Today!