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Expert Conversations for Transforming Your Business and Your Life

Join Host, Deb Battersby & Special Guest, Alena Chapman

on Tuesday, July 13, 2021

at 1pm ET, Noon CT, 10am PT


Here’s What You’ll Learn

Manifesting Momentum

Alena Chapman


Understanding the chakras and healing them


Living a more vibrant and creative life


How to manifest in a way that works for you

The Mystery Behind Mindset

Deb Battersby



Why you do what you do.


Why is it so hard to change?


Is attention and intention enough?


Alena Chapman is an author, speaker, spiritual thought leader and curator. She has dedicated her life to helping others discover their true desires and create happy, fulfilling lives by helping them discover the true gifts of their soul. Alena has studied spirituality and self-development for over 30 years. During this journey she has developed a strong understanding of why people stay stuck, unhappy, and unfulfilled in their lives. She has been a Top Instructor for Right Relations Family Enrichment, teaching the same skills she shares in her prior book, Prison Effect, You Can’t Escape From A Prison If You Don’t Know You’re In One. Alena has written numerous articles in Natural Awakenings, Best Self of Hay House, Glo Magazine and many others along with winning “Best Seller Success Award Winner” and The Community Service Award for creating a worldwide community to help women have meaningful lives. Most recently, Alena’s new book Hello, Soul will be coming out October 2021.

Alena’s passions lie in book writing, building a spiritual growth community, her shows on radio, podcast, and YouTube, conducting on-line group, one-on-one coaching sessions, along with retreats, forums and summits; including a weekly discussion group “Soul Talks” where she shares her teachings with a community dedicated to exploring ways to activate possibility and creativity in their life. Alena joyfully pursues her passion of guiding people to realize the gifts of their spirit and to begin to enrich every part of their lives by living more and more by the spirit. They experience their highest levels of happiness, confidence, fulfillment, and purpose.

Deb Battersby headshot


Deb Battersby is a speaker, author, success coach, and creator of the FreedomPoint™ System.

Deb and her company, Success Matrix International, are dedicated to accelerating the success and enhancing the quality of life of its global clientele. Deb works with diverse and dynamic individuals and organizations, from those facing abrupt change to those spear-heading it.

Known for innovative techniques and dramatic results, Deb has helped thousands achieve their goals and transform their lives using her FreedomPoint™ System.

She is a Master Practitioner in the field of neuro-linguistics, neuro-associative conditioning, as well as a certified hypnotherapist. Deb is also distinguished as an elite Master Trainer with Robbins Research International.

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