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Expert Conversations for Transforming Your Business and Your Life

Join Host, Deb Battersby & Special Guest, Lisa Hyde

on Tuesday, Aug 10, 2021

at 1pm ET, Noon CT, 10am PT


Here’s What You’ll Learn

YOU Are Your Brand: The importance of being memorable and how to do it 

Lisa Hyde


Identify Your Brand/Style


Become a Storyteller


Attract Your Ideal Client with Short Form Video

How to Guarantee Your Clients Get Results and Hit Their Goals

Deb Battersby



The secret why some clients win and others don’t.


The real reason clients fall back in their progress and how to stop it.


How to ease your emotional client load and coach in joy and ease.



Former talent agent turned powerhouse serial entrepreneur, Lisa Hyde is now an online business strategist & bio-hacking influencer, and the woman behind the crown.

She’s an LA native, fur mom to the BEST rescue dog, fifty-one and fabulous whose passion is serving others by sharing trade secrets of self-love and confidence! Decades ago, she closed the dream job in Hollywood to become her mom’s caregiver. After her passing, it took YEARS for Lisa to rediscover her power.

Lisa thought life was about sacrifice and never dreamed she’d create multiple residual revenue streams that would allow her to empower other fempreneurs AND live the lifestyle she always wanted. Now, she helps ambitious women step into THEIR power, scale virtual businesses that create massive impact and profit, to #MakeitReignTM in confidence & abundance.

As a member of the TikTok Creator Fund, Lisa uses her insider knowledge to help small business owners & brands launch with success using her signature course, The TikTok 10K Formula.

Deb Battersby headshot


Deb Battersby is a speaker, author, success coach, and creator of the FreedomPoint™ System.

Deb and her company, Success Matrix International, are dedicated to accelerating the success and enhancing the quality of life of its global clientele. Deb works with diverse and dynamic individuals and organizations, from those facing abrupt change to those spear-heading it.

Known for innovative techniques and dramatic results, Deb has helped thousands achieve their goals and transform their lives using her FreedomPoint™ System.

She is a Master Practitioner in the field of neuro-linguistics, neuro-associative conditioning, as well as a certified hypnotherapist. Deb is also distinguished as an elite Master Trainer with Robbins Research International.

Connect with Deb:

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